Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where this Gnome started his journey

Every great adventure or journey must start somewhere.  Many years ago (about 10 years or so) a lonely garden gnome was sitting quietly in a garden in Hawkestone, Ontario, Canada.  Fighting off mosquitoes and humming birds, a gnome was longing to explore the world outside the garden.  But where would he go?  And what adventures await him when he gets there?  A scary thought for such a little gnome.

One night when all were asleep, this brave gnome snuck away.  "I'm out of here!" he said dusk settles in the sleepy little village.  "Time to see the world and experience what life has to offer", he thought.  The night time shadows dance around and the owl hoots send chills up the spine of the little gnome as he sets out on his great adventure.  "Where should I go?" he asks himself.  "The world is so big!"

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